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What so ever is going on nowadays in the name of treating persons suffering with viral infectious diseases is disdain in the name of generosity and remedy? Only individuals who have precise understanding about the nature of virus and disease it produces, escapes from the command of some unintelligent Clinicians. Today we have very few antiviral drugs as compared to antibacterial antibiotics which are increasing every day. These so called antiviral drugs have drastic side effects Such as cytotoxic activity. Bacteria mostly habitat in intercellular space and are very susceptible to micro doses of antimicrobial poisons so called antibiotics, But on the contrary Virus habitat in intracellular space (in Side the cell wall) and cell protects the virus of its best. Thus only those antimicrobial poisons can kill the virus which can kill the cell itself infected with virus. Thus these antiviral drugs are cytotoxic. Thus we cannot rely upon antiviral medicines; instead we have to rely upon innate power, our own immune system to combat the killer viruses. Antibacterial antibiotics have no role in the treatment of viral diseases; use of Antibacterial antibiotics makes the viral disease worse and protracted. Most of the acute viral diseases are self-limiting by their own or with the appearance of secondary bacterial infection (Bacteriophages). In most cases of viral disease, appearance of secondary infection with bacteria results in annihilation of viral infection. Thus when a person suffering with viral disease is treated with antibacterial antibiotics, it only disrupts microbial ecology and helps in providing strongholds for viruses in suffering individual. In well-organized higher life as in human beings, there is some innate power to fight against viruses. In the infinitely long past, from repeated invasion by microbes, life force of human beings had learned enough to combat with pathogenic micro-organisms. In Homeopathy medical art and Science, High Potency Homeopathic Dilutions and quality herbal Homoeopathic mother tinctures helps in improving the innate power (life Force) of living being. Scientific Homeopathy Helps in Curing permanently by improving immunity without any adverse effects on general health of living being. Homoeopathy always provides rapid gentle and permanent cure in cases of acute and chronic diseases.
HOW Homeopathic Medicines work in case of Pyrexial Diseases? The tiny dose of Homoeopathic Medicines to some extent move up the thermoregulatory set point located in Hypothalamus (part of Brain) of living being naturally required for the rise in body temperature in order to deactivate the microbes (Disease Forces). The effects of tiny dose of Homoeopathic Medicines simulates the Biologic Activities of Pyrogenic Cytokines like IL-1, TNFa, AND IL-6 and INFs. The potentised dose of Homeopathic Medicine1 (just like PGE2) act as an artificial fever-producing means without inflicting any injurious effect to the sick living being when prescribed on symptom similarity and in infinitesimal low doses. The infinitesimal low doses believed to mediate the required rise in the thermoregulatory set point. With the new, higher "thermostatic setting, signals go to various efferent nerves, particularly those sympathetic fibers innervating the peripheral blood vessels, which in turn initiate vasoconstriction and promote heat conservation also initiating behavioral changes such as seeking a warm environment, putting on more clothes, and special posturing. With the shunting of blood from the periphery and these behavioral changes, the body temperature usually rises to some extent; if the hypothalamus calls for more heat, shivering (involuntary muscle contraction) is triggered to increase heat production. The combination of heat conservation and increased heat production continues until the temperature of the blood bathing the anterior hypothalamic neurons matches the new "setting." At that point, the hypothalamus maintains the new febrile temperature until majority of the microbes (disease force) are killed or inactivated. As Soon as the majority of the microbes (disease force) are killed or inactivated, the life force of sick individual recognizes the requirement for lowering the body temperature and the hypothalamic set point is reset downward by the disappearance of stimulating Homeopathic medicine (acting like Pyrogenic cytokines) and microbes (disease forces). Vasodilatation and sweating dissipate heat through radiation and conduction from the skin. Behavioral changes, such as the removal of insulating clothing or bedding, may be triggered. When the war is over the minute dose of homoeopathic medicines also triggers the production of endogenous antipyretic substances. These include arginine vasopressin, adrenocorticotropin etc., each of which appears to alter the ability of endogenous pyrogens to stimulate prostaglandin production.
Renal Calculus Disease (Kidney stones) is very common and painful health problem in Modern times. Contrary to common perception It's not an acute disease, but a chronic disease state with episodes of acute pain (renal colic and ureteric colic) usually observed while passing of stone or impaction of Calculus in urinary tract causing back pressure kidney swelling (Hydronephrosis). Usually pain is excruciating (intense) while passage of stone in urethra with vomiting and nausea. Sometimes burning pain while passing urine with frequent urination (Strangury) other times it may feel as dull aching pain in loin to groin due to physical presence of calculi or due to Hydronephrosis. Homeopathic Medicine is the best answer both for acute pain as well as for curing renal Calculus Disease permanently. Homoeopathic treatment helps by dissolving the stone, increasing urinary output, dilating the ureter and altering the PH of urine. Most commonly used Homeopathic Medicine in renal Calculus Disease are: Hydrangea Occimum Can Berberis Vulgaris Canthris Lycopodium. Dietary restriction and change in life style is also very helpful in preventing formation of stone frequently. Kapalbhati and Bhastrika pranayama are also very helpful in curing renal Calculus Disease and prevention of renal stone formation. Dietary restrictions are different for various types of kidney stones. In case of uric acid stone, we have to reduce the intake of proteins. In case of oxalate stones, we have to increase the intake of coconut water, pineapple juice, barley juice and banana. Contrary to common myths, rice is always far better than eating wheat.
Homeopathy in Asthma and Allergy Allergy is simply over-Sensitivity (Reactivity) of the life force, it usually happens in Atopic (Genetic Predisposition) individuals after repeated triggers like exposure to abrupt change of temperature within short span of time. After Sensitization, immune system starts developing antibodies against various organic (Proteins) and inorganic particles.   Based on the principle of similars and minimal dose (Similia Similibus Curenter) Homoeopathy is synonymous to Hypo-sensitization or Desensitization. In Asthma, Patient is suffering with individual over sensitivity and what we need to cure is desensitization or Hypo-sensitization to get rid of symptoms and disease as a whole. For Hypo-sensitization, Homeopathic medicine should have minimal possible quantity of similar drug substance and the prescribed medicinal dose should not be deprived of the basic crude drug substance. It does not mean that Homoeopathic medicines in higher dilutions do not work in Asthma cases. Constitutional Homoeopathic medicine in higher potencies improves or modifies the susceptibility of the Sick individual, means it reduces the tendencies of a living being to be over affected by certain things like abrupt change of temperature which can hardly make any impression in other healthy living being. For the development of Asthma and other sickness there must be more than one cause such as genetic tendencies, thermal telluric chemical biological injuries, environmental pollution, faulty unnatural living habits etc. Each of above factors needs special attention in Asthma and other diseases to attain total cure or maximum amelioration of symptoms. In case of respiratory tract and other allergy, one must note following points: 1.  Avoid exposure to extreme variation of temperature in all conditions, Use nothing too hot in cold weather and nothing chilled in hot weather. Variation of more than 20 degrees centigrade of Temperature causes immunological injury to life force and causes over-sensitization of living being. Due to this over-sensitization, life force of living body over-reacts to allergens (which can hardly make any impact on normal human being otherwise) and results in allergic diseases like Allergic Rhinitis (sneezing and running nose), Asthma (coughing and difficult breathing) and Urticaria (itching Skin Rashes like wheal-and-flare reaction) etc. 2.  Be Careful about Rice (in Northern Planes of India), Banana and Colocassia roots (Arvi), Tamarind, Mango and dry mango powder, Nuts like almonds and ground nuts. 3.  Regular symptom limited exercise is must for amelioration in Allergy and Asthma. 4.  Avoid all kinds of Pain Killer and fever pills such as Salicylic Acid (Aspirin-Disprin), Paracetamol (Crocin), Nemuselide (Nemulid, Nice), Ibuprofen (Brufen, Combiflam etc.). All such type of medicines causes bronchospasm (constriction of air passage) leading to asthma and Urticaria (itching Skin Rashes like wheal-and-flare reaction). 5.  House dust mites and paper mites are also a major cause of concern in all types of allergies, these are hidden in mattresses, pillows, quilts, carpets, old forgotten books and other such items. Note - Slight running nose and sneezing in asthmatic patients ameliorates their difficulty in breathing. Do not suppress unnecessarily these sign and symptoms.
Verruca Vulgaris, Verruca Plantaris and Verruca Palmaris commonly known as Warts are caused by Infection of Human Papilloma Viruses. Being caused by viral infection, These can never be removed and cured permanently with surgery (Laser, Chemical or blade). For Safe, prompt and Permanent cure, Homoeopathic Medicine is the best answer. Commonly used Medicines are : Thuja Occidentalis, Acidum Nitricum, Dulcamara, Causticum and Antimonim Crudum.
Polycystic ovary Syndrom or Polycystic ovary Disease (PCOS PCOD) is more trending among modern society due to unusual (unnatural) and stressful lifestyle. High androgen levels resultant of faulty lifestyle prevent regular ovulation causes acne (Pimples), extra hair growth, weight gain and irregular cycles. Homoeopathic Medicines with Natural lifestyle and de-stressing is very helpful in getting rid of this problem. Low carbohydrate, High fiber diet including more vegetables and fruits, regular exercise, weight reduction and Homeopathic treatment will certainly help in Cure of polycystic ovary disease or polycystic ovary syndrome. Following Homeopathic Medicines are very effective in treating PCOS : Sepia, Apis Mel, Palladium, Saxifrage, Lachesis, Sabal Ser, Gymnema Syl, Alitaris F, Pulsatilla, Commiphora wightii etc.
Homeopathy or Allopathy? Homeopathic Medicines should be first choice of treatment in case of mild to moderate viral and Allergic diseases. In fulminant Bacterial and parasitic infection like typhoid, tuberculosis and Malaria, better to go for Allopathic Medicines. But in case of convalescence period and recurring infections Homeopathy maybe helpful to some extent. In mild to moderate autoimmune disorders like psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Reactive Arthritis, systematic Lupus erythematosus etc, Homeopathic treatment is better choice. But in severe autoimmune disorders Modern Medicine is more effective. Homeopathy should be first preference in oversensitive individuals with frequent history of allergic reaction. Homoeopathic Medicine is first choice for Migraine and Neuralgia (Especially Trigeminal Neuralgia) But Allopathic Medicine for Epilepsy and neurological disorders due to vitamin and mineral deficiency. In Borderline cases of Diabetes mellitus (type 2) and Hypertension, Homeopathy is helpful. In insulin dependent diabetes and malignant Hypertension, Allopathy is the only Ray of hope.
Whether Homeopathic Medicines can cure psychiatric illnesses? In many of the psychiatric problems (mental health issues) Homoeopathic treatment is very helpful. In those cases where person (Patient) himself is cognisant of his mental conflicts (without loss of touch with reality), Homeopathy can certainly help in ameliorating the condition like anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders, sadness or depression, anger, irritability, mental confusion, low sense of self-worth, behavioral symptoms such as phobic avoidance, vigilance, impulsive and compulsive acts, lethargy, cognitive problems such as unpleasant or disturbing thoughts, repetition of thoughts and obsession, habitual fantasizing, negativity, dependency, aggressiveness, perfectionism etc. Homeopathy is useful in  functional mental disorders involving chronic distress but neither in delusions nor in hallucinations. Allopathy (Modern Medicine) can better answer psychiatric problems with total loss of touch with reality.
Failure to secrete breast milk (Agalactia) and deficient secretion of mammary glands (Hypogalactia) are common problems in young mothers due to stressful life style and taking food without nutrients (junk food). Homeopathic medicine with nutritious diet and change in life style is very helpful in fighting with such situations.