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Homeoambrosia - Dr Suraj Singh Tanwar (Dr S S Tanwar) is Scientific Homoeopathic physician (Neo Classical Homeopathic Doctor) serving in the field of Homoeopathic Science for curing the most inveterate chronic diseases and Rapid and permanent treatment for Acute diseases. Dr Suraj Singh Tanwar is a Ex-Faculty Member of Post-Graduate Institute of Homeopathy, Jaipur. Health Educationalist, Autonomous, Instinctive, Enthusiastic Fact Analyst, A Scientist who needs no Counterfeit Platform, With his own school of contemplation derived from Clinical experience, language of nature and history of medicine. Is follower of scientific truth, averse to hypothesis? Who struggle for the foundation of individual health? Doctor S S Tanwar widely regarded as the pioneer of the Homeopathic Medicine Movement, is a renowned practitioner of Homoeopathy for last 26 years. Dr. Tanwar Completed M.D (Hom) Post Graduation Degree in Homoeopathy in year 1998. Right form the beginning of his medical education he recognized the values of treating the whole human being consisting of the physical, mental, spiritual and social aspect of the individual. He is a resolute in his pursuit of the most advanced healing techniques through Homoeopathy. The Clinic Will Be Closed On 29,30 and 31 Of Every Month.


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Pain Management with Homeopathy
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Psoriasis Treatment With Homeopathy INR  500
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Renal Calculus Kidney Stone Treatment INR  500
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Asthma And Allergies Homeopathic Treatment INR  500
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